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State Duma Offers Decreasing Key Rate Down to 8%

Industrialists expect it to be 6-6.5%.

02.Jun.15 5:00 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


State Duma Offers Decreasing Key Rate Down to 8%
State Duma Deputies are aimed on supporting industrial filed and increasing of its growth rate. They have calculated the most appropriate key interest rate which should not exceed 8-8.5%. Bank or Russia ordered decreasing the rate as soon as possible.

According to available information Vladimir Gutenev who is Vice President of SoyuzMash forwarded a letter to Central Bank asking to consider the opinion of industrial community and decrease key interest rate down to 8-8.5% with further lowering it to 6-6.5%.

Gutenev explained his offer with the fact that low industrial growth rate of manufacturing was 7.2% in 2014 while machine building industry is up to 37%. Subsidization of the key rate will result in industrial growth and keep development perspectives for Russian industrial companies.

The official said that modern industry calls for new investors who are now in waiting position due to less rapid decrease of key rate. At the same time further actions of Bank of Russia are rather hard to predict at the moment.

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