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State Duma May Implement Criminal Penalty for Cannabis Images

Such images will be treated as drug propaganda.

28.May.15 2:14 PM
By Abigail Richards


State Duma May Implement Criminal Penalty for Cannabis Images
Deputies of State Duma will revise new law which is connected with prohibition of drug propaganda in the nearest future. New law has been worked out by Irina Yarovaya. It should be noted that new project resulted in numerous discussions and questions form the public. They also include medical specialists and teachers who can use the image of cannabis for educational purposes.

Irina Yarovaya offers to add her project to already existing law about drug substances and add cannabis images to the official term of drug propaganda. She also offers prohibiting terms and words that are somehow related to psychotropic substances in mass media and on television. Sources also include movies, books and Internet. The initiative of the official also includes imputing a ban on spreading the information about prohibited medications that can be used for medical purposes.

It should be noted that there is an administrative penalty for drug propaganda in Russia. But Yarovaya is sure that such measures are not enough and criminal penalty should be implemented. She offers 2 years of imprisonment for violating the law.

Some experts say that new law is very likely to be accepted by the State Duma deputies.

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