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State Duma Deputies offer Restriction for Foreigners Who want to enter Russia

This is necessary in order to form balanced relations with foreign countries.

02.Dec.14 8:55 AM
By Abigail Richards


State Duma Deputies offer Restriction for Foreigners Who want to enter Russia
State Dune Deputies offer restrictions for those foreigners who are planning to come to Russia or make transit trips though its territory to another country. This will include foreigners from those European and other countries which have implemented sanctions against Russian federation. At the same time new changes in law will also put a ban to enter Russia for those foreigners whose actions are threatening national interests of Russians.

That is why some deputies have already introduced new bill with the following changes. These changes are based on mutuality principles in relations between Russia and other countries. Deputies have also worked out changes connected with entry of foreigners on the territory of Russian Federation.

In accordance with new changes Russian government has a right to implement additional conditions for people who enter of leave the Russia in accordance with political and economic relations with his country. Such conditions may include not only restrictions and limitations but also favorable conditions for people who love in Russia without permanent residence or citizenship.

Moreover the officials also offer to set additional reasons for implementing limitations and restrictions for people who want to enter Russia. Such measures will be taken towards foreigners and visitors from countries which have negative relations with Russia. These people will be taken to special establishments that will be created specially for unwanted visitors who may threaten national Russian interests.

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