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State Duma allowed Russian Women Smoking

They can smoke in the presence of children also.

19.Mar.15 4:34 PM
By  Lubov Kovaleva


State Duma allowed Russian Women Smoking
State Duma Deputies rejected new law which was supposed to input a ban on smoking for women who are under 40. This was made on March 18th. At the same time new law was supposed to prohibit women smoking in presence of children.

Ivan Nikitchuk and Dmitry Kononenko from Communist Political Party were authors of new law. They also offered to fine women apart from their age for smoking in presence of children and teenagers. The fine was supposed to be from $50-$90. If it came to the officials, they would pay from $500-$900. Fines for entities could vary from $1500-$2500.
However the Head of Health Safety Department Sergey Kalashnikov was not satisfied with the new law and criticized it for establishing women’s discrimination according to their gender and age which is not appropriate in modern society. At the same time Constitution of Russian federation provides the same rights and freedoms to every citizen apart from his or her age and gender.

As a result State Duma deputies rejected new law and left a right to every Russia women to decide whether to steer clear of cigarettes or not.

Position of law authors is at least surprising. They should have a clear understanding that law which limits rights of particular society group will never be accepted by the government. It is also strange why they are so sure that men do not smoke in presence of children and teenagers.

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