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Startup Propy earned $ 14 million for ICO

About this on its Facebook page, wrote the CEO of the company from California.

19.Sep.17 4:28 AM
By Oksana Solodkaya


Startup Propy earned $ 14 million for ICO
The initial offer of tokens was completed on the day of the start of the sale, during which the authors of the project succeeded in selling more than 16 million shares; for each requested one dollar. At the output, the company received fourteen million at the current exchange rate, says ForkLog magazine.

What is it that attracted investors the project Propy from the American city of Menlo Park? The company is a kind of real estate store and registration of land rights, using the so-called "smart contracts" of the Etherium, allowing you to track and conduct transactions. Having agreed with the Ukrainian government, the company offers innovative development of the real estate market, providing an opportunity for foreign investors to acquire facilities at low prices in conditions of security and transparency. At the same time, all participants of the project will operate within the framework of the country's legislation.

According to the authors of the project, due to the use of block-technologies, they managed to "stir" this hardened sector, and now the Propy team will work closely on the development of the product.

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