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Stanford University Launches New Research Center for Blockchain

The initiative was supported, among other things, by Vitalik Buterin.

22.Jun.18 12:22 AM
By Jason Brideslow


Stanford University Launches New Research Center for Blockchain
A group of crypto-start-ups and organizations are sponsoring a new blockchain research center headquartered at Stanford University.

Blockchain Research Research Center is headed by Dan Bone and David Mazier, two professors who specialize in blockchain circuits and cryptocurrencies. According to a press release issued by Stanford Engineering on June 20, the research audit plans to "develop best practices" for the blockchain, bringing together university scientists and industry leaders.

The center's website lists the sponsors of the initiative, such as the Ethereum Foundation, Protocol Labs and the Interchain Foundation, OmiseGO, DFINITY Stiftung and Polychain Capital, also support the research center.

Creator Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, who was a co-founder of the Foundation Efirium, wrote on Twitter on June 20: "I am very happy to support this initiative!".

Bonet, who is also a professor at the Stanford Engineering School, said of the launch of the center: "Blockchain will become increasingly critical for doing business around the world. Stanford should be at the forefront of efforts to improve, apply and understand the many effects of this technology. "

The center will focus on developing a curriculum for the blockchain for both students and working professionals, which may not be surprising given the reports that such classes are of great interest to some US universities.

Earlier, We wrote about the desire of Ripple to invest more than $ 50 million in the study of the block.

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