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St. George ribbon as a reflection of patriotic feelings

The popularity of St. George's ribbon is growing both in Russia and abroad

29.Apr.17 5:42 AM
By Dmitrii K.


St. George ribbon as a reflection of patriotic feelings
St. George's ribbon continues to gain popularity as a symbol of patriotism, despite the tense geopolitical situation and the ban on demonstration in several states. The corresponding conclusion was reached by the specialists of the marketing communications agency Pro-Vision Communications, who analyzed the dynamics of black-orange bicolor mentions in the media over the past eight years.

The action "St. George's ribbon" was invented by journalists of RIA Novosti in 2005. At the same time, the initiative was supported by the Moscow Government and the public organization Student Community, which are still the main organizers of this public project.

It should be noted that Pro-Vision Communications is investigating the phenomenon of St. George's ribbon not for the first time. The relationship between her mentions in the media and the growth of patriotic attitudes of Russians was comprehensively studied by agency staff in early 2015. According to forecasts of the experts working on the project, the peak of the relevant publications was to come to 2015, when the Victory Day in Russia was celebrated on the anniversary, the 70th time. Recent statistics confirmed this assumption: if in 2014 the ribbon was mentioned in the media 10 710 times, by the end of December 2015 this figure has more than doubled - up to 23,605 publications.

In 2016 the mention of the tape decreased by 40% compared to 2015 (up to 14 278 times), but it turned out to be more than in 2014. This does not mean a fall in patriotic sentiments, but rather, on the contrary: making an amendment to such a significant information channel as the 70th anniversary of the Victory, one can speak of maintaining the upward dynamics.

Most often St. George's ribbon is mentioned in regional publications, especially in the Central Federal District of Russia. In addition to highlighting the same-named shares that are taking place on the territory of the country, the media actively talk about the history of this symbol and enumerate the distribution of ribbons in this or that city. It is interesting that in the wake of the rise of the patriotic self-awareness of the population, the brand "St. George's Ribbon" began to use other projects. The most famous of them is the patriotic action "Immortal Regiment", in which the black and yellow bicolor became a key element of visual identity.

The mass output of publications affecting both brands fell in 2014, then the mention went into the background, and in 2016 a sharp increase was recorded again - at once by 76%. First of all, this is due to the expansion of the geography of the action "Immortal Regiment", to which last year Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and a number of other countries joined. Being in close connection with this project, the St. George ribbon soon appeared on the international level: many publications were associated with the appearance of a patriotic symbol in the sky over New York, as well as the holding of the action "St. George's ribbon" in the US for the second year in a row.

About the action "St. George's ribbon"

The action "St. George's ribbon" was first held in 2005, it was invented by the journalists of RIA Novosti, the initiative was supported by the Moscow Government and the public organization Student Community. Today St. George ribbon is a symbol of memory and military glory not only in Russia, but also in 72 countries around the world. The purpose of the action is also to draw public attention to the problems of veterans.

Volunteers traditionally begin distributing ribbons in the 20th of April, and the peak of the action falls on the eve of the holiday and directly on Victory Day itself - on May 9. Annually ribbons are also delivered to the Baikonur cosmodrome, from where they are forwarded to the cosmonauts on the ISS, and in 2007 the St. George ribbon appeared on the top of Elbrus.

Over the first 5 years of the campaign, more than 30 million ribbons were distributed on a voluntary basis. Today, more than 80% of the inhabitants of Russia are in solidarity with the organizers of the action and fully endorse its conduct. The government of Moscow also takes part in the action: the public transport of the capital is decorated every year with ribbons.

The event is also attended by eminent representatives of various faiths: from the hockey coach Vyacheslav Bykov to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

About the group of companies Pro-Vision

Pro-Vision Group - one of the leading groups of companies in Russia, specializing in the development of projects in the field of marketing communications, has been counting since 1998. It includes: PR-agency Pro-Vision Communications, as well as the first in Russia online PR-agency - PRonline. In the staff of Pro-Vision 60+ employees of the Moscow office, representatives in Ukraine (Kiev) and Kazakhstan (Almaty). One of the key advantages of Pro-Vision is the high level of service and customer-oriented approach.

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