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South Korean authorities promised not to prohibit trade in crypto-currencies

The Finance Ministry dispelled all the rumors.

01.Feb.18 3:33 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


South Korean authorities promised not to prohibit trade in crypto-currencies

Kim Dae-Yong, who heads the South Korean Ministry of Finance, assured that the ban on trade in crypto-currencies in the country would not be introduced. According to him, the primary task of the government is to regulate this sphere.

"We are not going to ban or suppress the crypto-currency trade," the minister stressed.

The head of the South Korean Ministry of Finance stressed that the statement was made to clarify the position of the authorities in this matter. On the eve of the country, the ban on secret operations with the cryptocurrency began to operate, and this gave rise to a lot of speculation and rumors.

South Korea accounts for 20-25% of the total crypto-currency market. Not so long ago in the media, there was information that Seoul could entirely ban the trade in crypto-currencies following the example of China. However, the government noted that this is only one of the scenarios that were considered.

The authorities of South Korea are incredibly concerned that crypto-currencies are actively used by scammers and representatives of the criminal world.

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