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Sony seeks to obtain Blockchain patent for user authentication system

The Japanese technology conglomerate Sony may be seeking the use of blockchain to a proposed user input system in accordance with the new patent application.

30.Oct.17 3:29 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Sony seeks to obtain Blockchain patent for user authentication system
Released by the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 26, the document describes how an electronics maker can use two different blockchain platforms in combination with each other as part of a multi-factor authentication system (MFA).

MFA systems work by providing users with two different credentials to log into a website or program. After the user enters a standard user name and password, the authentication token generates a code, which they must also enter to gain access. The idea is that, although an attacker can get a user's password, they usually also cannot access the token, which generates another code for each entry.

According to Sony, one of the blockchain platforms offered by them would create these authentication codes, and the other would receive them to confirm the identity of the user when they attempt to make a transaction through the platform. Possible transactions include the transfer of data, the creation of contracts and the transfer of assets, according to the application.

Earlier this year, Sony announced the creation of an educational platform, which is being developed jointly with IBM, which will be launched next year. The platform will use a blockchain to securely store student records, while the idea is that technology can provide additional transparency to stakeholders.

The company said in its statement that it plans to continue studying blockchain technology for various areas, including in the supply chain and logistics, which points to other areas in which the proposed intellectual property could be applied.

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