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Some Russian companies were allowed to hire Turkish citizens in unlimited quantities

The list consists of 14 organizations.

17.May.16 9:43 AM
By Andrey Shulga


Some Russian companies were allowed to hire Turkish citizens in unlimited quantities
The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev approved the resolution on amendments to the list of companies allowed to hire citizens of Turkey. This information is published on the website of legal information.

At the moment there are two lists of Russian entities permitted to employ Turks. In the first list included companies that have the right to employ only a limited number of citizens of Turkey. The second list includes those organizations that are allowed to hire an unlimited number of Turkish labour.

The decision of the government was given the right to employ Turkish nationals in an unlimited number of 14 companies. Among them, the "Renaissance construction", "Maystroy", "Gama", "Renaissance Heavy industries", "Lenstroydetal" and others.

At the same time, some organisations that had previously exercised the right to hire an unlimited number of Turks, it right cut. Now they can employ only the number of migrant workers from Turkey, which was hired by them on December 31, 2015.

The updated list includes several banks, Isbank, "Credit Europe Bank "Yapi Kredi Bank Moscow, Garanti Bank Moscow", "Prokommertsbank Moscow" and "Ziraat Bank". Previously, these financial institutions were forbidden to hire Turkish citizens.

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