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Solidarity march planed for El Salvador

Crowds will buy a little bit of bitcoin - it may result in pump

06.Sep.21 11:49 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Solidarity march planed for El Salvador
This is going to be a special week. For the first time in human history, bitcoin becomes a legal means of payment in a nation state. El Salvador has the scoop tomorrow, at 3: 00 local time the law goes into effect. The president of the country has promised that every adult citizen will get $ 30 in bitcoin to ensure that there is support among the population.

Brazil's Independence Day is also celebrated tomorrow, in 1822 on this date the famous Grito do Ipiranga took place. From the moment Dom Pedro II shared the famous expression "independence or death", Brazil was independent of Portugal.

To celebrate both, but above all to support poor communities in South America, Reddit has placed a call to buy all for $ 30 of bitcoin tomorrow. This post was shared in a Brazilian Reddit group with 3.3 million members and could move the bitcoin rate tomorrow.

The new legislation enters into force in El Salvador at 3:00 p.m. In the Netherlands it is Tuesday evening at 23:00. The message calls for at that time to buy bitcoin for 30 dollars, at the current exchange rate that is 25.27 euros.

After user u/thadiusb shared his proposal on Reddit, some people accused him of wanting to manipulate the bitcoin rate with the help of others. The user eventually defended himself and declared that that was not the plan, but that the intention was to publicly support El Salvador.

'I meant it more as a gesture of support than as a pump. It's the first time a country has embraced Bitcoin. This is an important moment in Bitcoin. Let's show El Salvador, for those who still doubt it, that Bitcoin has value to them. And for everyone. Bitcoin is important.

It is not a guarantee that the rate will rise tomorrow and it is by no means certain that many people will respond to the call. Yours truly will be joining us at 23:00 CET tomorrow.

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