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Snapchat rolls out new feature, struggles to hold new users

Bells and whistles added to the messaging app

22.Jul.20 8:37 AM
By Abigail Richards


Snapchat rolls out new feature, struggles to hold new users
Snapchat has added a new feature that allows users to meditate together remotely. The social medium works together with the meditation app Headspace.

Snapchat previously announced several new functions, the so-called Snap Minis. This allows users, for example, to study together or to make their personal planning during a festival. The meditation function has been available since Monday.

The feature allows users to meditate for a few minutes after opening the app. They can also invite friends to join and share the meditation session afterwards.

Since the corona crisis, Snapchat has been paying more attention to mental health. In March, the social medium introduced a tool that allows users to view mental health information when they search for topics such as "anxiety" or "depression."

Meanwhile Snapchat has all the reasons to get depressed by its own.

Snapchat now has 238 million daily active users, parent company Snap announced on Tuesday when the second quarter figures were announced. This has increased the number of users, but at a slower pace than hoped.

In the past three months, Snapchat added a total of nine million new users. The total comes to 238 million, 1 million less than the company had expected.

According to Snap CEO Derek Andersen, this is due to the unpredictability after the outbreak of COVID-19, Engadget writes. When lockdowns were introduced, the company saw a significant spike, but it disappeared faster than the company expected.

Director Evan Spiegel does see an increase in the use of the camera in Snapchat. "Our augmented reality platform in particular is increasingly being used. We see that 37 percent more people use it every day compared to a year ago."

Thanks to the temporary advertising boycott of advertisers at Facebook, Snapchat was found more often. Snap's sales increased to $ 454 million (nearly $ 397 million). In the same period last year, sales were $ 388 million. The loss also increased. That grew from $ 255 million last year to $ 325 million in the past quarter.

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