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Siluanov: the possible reduction of the budget deficit to 2% of GDP

The Finance Ministry expects this year to reduce the budget deficit to two percent of GDP.

02.May.17 3:52 AM
By Christina Orlina


Siluanov: the possible reduction of the budget deficit to 2% of GDP
This was announced by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in interview to the newspaper "Handelsblatt".

"This year we planned to send to cover the budget deficit in Euro terms of approximately 29 billion. But, according to the latest projections, we can this figure be reduced to 16 billion euros," - said Siluanov.

Reserves this year will not be completely exhausted, said the Minister of Finance of Russia. "We are implementing a responsible fiscal policy that allows you to maintain the level of reserves and good market conditions in the next few years to fill them again," said the Finance Minister.

Commenting on the situation around the anti-Russian sanctions, the head of the Russian Finance Ministry said that Russia does not expect their speedy removal. "This leads to certain problems but creates some advantages, for example for agriculture", - said Siluanov.

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