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Shipping by sea

Today international shipping by sea has become widespread.

18.Jun.17 9:59 PM
By mundial-roro


Shipping by sea

Whether you are a manufacture or seller you need to deliver the goods to your customers and business partners. There are different ways to do that. Everything depends on the distance, time for deliver and other conditions. In this article you will find out more information about shipping goods by sea. You will learn everything about advantages and disadvantages of this means of transportation. We hope that it will be interesting for you.

Today international shipping by sea has become widespread. More and more company use this type of transportation because you can deliver large amounts of goods using just one ship. About 80% of goods from other countries are delivered by water. But in addition to the positive aspects, sea freight has a number of disadvantages.

Advantages of sea freight. Sea shipping differs from other types of transportation because of low costs, which is particularly beneficial if the cargo needs to be transported for long distances. Also, marine cargo transportation is universal, that is why with it is possible to deliver almost all types of cargo which you may need. You can transport cars, car tires, all kinds of electronics, furniture and other things. All such goods can be delivers using containers which is one of the most popular ways to delivers goods because of that containers can be loaded in trucks or transported by railway. In addition, oil platforms and some other oversized cargo can only be transported by sea.

Disadvantages of sea freight. Nevertheless, sea freight transportation has not only advantages, but also serious disadvantages. First of all, transportation by sea has very slow speed, which largely depends on unfavorable weather conditions. You have to pay money for ship management services in Hamburg. That is why, sea transportation can reach its destination with a delay of several days, and sometimes several weeks. Thus, sea shipping is not exactly suitable for customers who need fast delivery of their cargo.

Sea cargo delivery does not possess 100% reliability and safety. Statistical studies say that in the case of sea transportation, the quality of the cargo is preserved to a lesser degree, in comparison with its other type of transportation. This affects not only the transportation process itself, but also the difficulties of its organization. The goods can get lost because of confusion in the port or because of erroneously-compiled accompanying documents. For example, instead of unloading cargo in London, it can be taken off to Hamburg. You will also have to take care of customs clearance in Germany. To ensure the safety of cargo, experts recommend to insure it before transportation. Another negative side of sea freight is the impossibility of delivery directly to the destination. After the cargo arrives at the port, it will need to be loaded onto a train or car and taken to the final destination, which, of course, negatively affects the cost of the entire transportation.

As a result, in order to choose the best way of cargo transportation, it is better to find the most professional carrier company. Qualified specialists will take into account all the wishes of the customer and will be able to advise the most profitable and convenient transportation for cargo transportation.

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