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SharePoint Online: cloud service from Microsoft

It presents a wide functionality for business

10.May.16 7:41 AM
By Irina Z.


SharePoint Online: cloud service from Microsoft
Since then, as there were the first mobile device, actively began to develop cloud applications. The process of working with data was simplified due to cloud services, providing access to files from any mobile device. One of these services is SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online - is a cloud platform, which combines the functions of a repository of information and the creation of sites. The service is upgraded online version of Share Point software and combines all its advantages. Custom audience of Online SharePoint is more then 190 million users, including many commercial companies.

SharePoint Online cloud service frees users from having to store files on a computer or a separate server, and maintain their infrastructure. All information in SharePoint Online is stored on Microsoft servers, thereby eliminating the need to maintain the infrastructure. The service ensures uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day. In addition, the service functionality is constantly updated with new features. With SharePoint Online, you can work as a separate independent service or as part of Microsoft Office 365. Direct link to the service: https: //

Free access users

In the transition to SharePoint Online users have access to 1TB of storage space on OneDrive service. Thus, all data can be placed on a cloud service without fear for their safety, because Microsoft servers are used backup technology.

Apps4Rent for Risk-free Migration

SharePoint Online supports hybrid Apps4Rent function of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, which allows you to safely transfer data from other cloud services. Apps4Rent provides free transition to SharePoint Online with earlier versions of the platform, starting with SharePoint 2003. Apps4Rent synchronizes Active Direct that allows you to store your root file system when transferring data. Thus there is no risk of data loss or system failure. Such a function is essential when transferring corporate data.

Build Internet Facing Site

SharePoint Online provides convenient tools for creating Web sites and blogs. Service tools allow you to create websites from scratch and carry ready-made portals for a few minutes with the older versions of SharePoint. Upgrading to a new version takes just a few minutes!

24/7 Support from SharePoint Experts

SharePoint Online provides free technical support, which can provide answers to questions at any time of the day. Support Mode is 24 7 365. Engineers responsible for the telephone, e-mail and in a online chat.

Support from any device

SharePoint Online provides easy access to an unlimited number of users using mobile applications. Service is compatible with iPhone, Android-devices and devices based on Windows. Thus, working with SharePoint Online, you can work with any device.

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