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Sergey Mavrodi offers his Way to “save” Russians from Crisis

He promised 30% monthly income.

12.Feb.15 2:02 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Sergey Mavrodi offers his Way to “save” Russians from Crisis
Sergey Mavrodi offers his own idea which will make it easy to save Russian from crisis. The main idea is to create a “global cashbox of mutual support”. It will help to earn every citizen 100% of income every month in case of depositing for at least one-year term. The information is obtained from SMS messages which are sent to Russian citizens.

At the same time Mavrodi promises 30% monthly income on his official website. If a person decides to deposit money at least on 3-month term, the income will increase by 5%. One-year term, deposit will make it possible to earn 100% revenue.

He also mentioned his MMM financial pyramid and said that the main idea of its creation was to help ordinary people. It was not for wealthy and rich representatives of Russian society.

The scheme of new idea looks practically the same to the one which was used in MMM pyramid. Those who want to take part in this global project need to complete the registration on the website and make a deposit in exchange for mavros. Money can be transferred by means of various payment options including debit and credit cards. Visitors can also find video guide on the official website where Mavrodi recommends using Sberbank payment system for more convenience.


Sergey Mavrodi founded one of the largest financial pyramids in Russia in the middle of 1990’s. Three criminal cases have been initiated towards businessman referred to fraud, using false ID and tax evasion.

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