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Senator Andrew Brenner had a Zoom meeting while driving

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08.May.21 10:34 AM
By Abigail Richards
Photo Zoom


Senator Andrew Brenner had a Zoom meeting while driving
U.S. senator Andrew Brenner from Ohio used a virtual background during a Zoom meeting with other senators this week to cover up the fact that he was driving in the meantime. That's what the Columbus Dispatch says. The timing was striking, as the state had just introduced a bill for more severe penalties for distracted motorists.

Brenner had a background set up to make it look like he was in the office. On his chest, however, a safety belt was clearly visible. Also, sometimes a piece of the road appeared next to his head and he sometimes turned to see if he could change tracks.

The meeting with senators from Ohio was live. Brenner started the conversation in a parked car. After a short while offline, he reappeared, with a home office in the background.

According to the senator, he was "not distracted" while driving. Brenner says his attention was on the road and that he was listening to the discussion. "I often call while driving. That's often phone calls, but if it's a video meeting, my attention is not on the video. I think of it as a phone call."

Brenner's actions were all the more striking because earlier this week a bill was tabled to punish distractions in the car more severely. The proposal calls for a ban on texting, reading messages, taking photos and live streaming in the car. Those are not yet violations in the U.S. State.

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