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Second Quasicrystal was found in Ancient Meteorite on the Territory of Russia

Discovery proves the fact that this unique material may have natural origin.

19.Mar.15 6:58 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Second Quasicrystal was found in Ancient Meteorite on the Territory of Russia
United group of scientists from Princeton University and experts from Florence University announced about the fact that they have found second natural quasicrystal. It was found in ancient meteorite which is practically the same age as the Solar System. Fragments of this space alien were found on North-East of Russian federation.

According to available information quasicrystal has not received an official name yet. However scientists have already examined its structure which looks like numerous decagons stacked in one column. Such type of structure canít be met in any other crystals.

It is also known that this rock is very hard and almost does not conduct the heat. That is why artificial and synthetic quasicrystals are widely used in space industry. For a long time people were sure that they canít originate in a natural way. This is due to their fragile energetic structure which requires special conditions for development. On the other hand discovery of the second natural quasicrystal proves the fact that they can origin in natural conditions and keep their qualities throughout space periods.

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