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Sechin, Miler and Yakunin Salaries will not be Shown to the Public

Governmental companies managed to keep information about its directors’ incomes in secret.

31.Mar.15 4:03 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Sechin, Miler and Yakunin Salaries will not be Shown to the Public
Governmental companies have recently received an official letter from personnel department of the government staff which said that those employees who take high managing positions are allowed not to publish their salaries as well as incomes of their family members. They include directors and managers of joint-stock companies. They are only obliged to provide their payrolls.

Those companies which totally belong to the government do not have such right. Their directors who are assigned on positions directly by the government are obliged to publish their level of income. Such statement has been officially made by press-secretary of Vice President.

Earlier directors of governmental companies were obliged to publish their incomes according to president’s order from July 8th 2013.

The Head of Russian Railways Yakunin was the one who was against such obligations and was about to retire from his position: “It is nothing more but direct interference with my personal life and information. There are only two possible ways in such situation. I can submit and publish my incomes. But I’d rather retire and settle in private business field”.

Governmental media office gave an explanation to the letter stating that none of commercial organizations which can also consist of governmental shares is not obliged publishing any information due to the fact that their directors and managers can’t be considered as governmental employees

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