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SEC enters the position of adviser on cryptocurrencies

Valerie Schepanyk, who was previously the head of the SEC's working group on securities supervision, was appointed to the post.

06.Jun.18 9:20 PM
By John M Jeffcoat


SEC enters the position of adviser on cryptocurrencies
The issue of legal regulation of cryptocurrency relations is still very urgent for the entire world community. The US is not an exception in this respect. In winter, the primary US regulator - the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiated the creation of a group on digital currencies.

The next step was the approval of a new position of the adviser on cryptocurrencies, to which Valery Shchepanik was recently appointed. Officially, the post will be called: "Assistant Head of Corporate Finance and Senior Advisor for Digital Assets and Innovations Division Director Bill Hinman," reports the newsletter

Ms.Shepanyk previously held the position of head of the working group on securities supervision in the SEC and worked on ICO projects; therefore she has much experience in this area of ​​regulation, which the Commission values ​​very much and is going to rely on it in future work.

The SEC's position on the management of cryptology is still vague, but the creation of working groups and units to work in this area suggests that, most likely, the Securities and Exchange Commission will seriously tackle the issues of the regulatory framework. The ministry plans to hold a symposium on cryptocurrency topics, within the structure of the forthcoming large conference of investors.

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