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Seaside athlete budged train

Ivan SAVKIN budged cars weighing 512 tons.

15.Dec.15 6:09 AM
By Irina Kliachina
Photo Yandex screenshot pictures


Seaside athlete budged train
In the seaside town of Spassk-athlete Ivan SAVKIN who is the champion of the Far East in powerlifting and weightlifting, set a new world record.

Vladivostok residents are already familiar with the other records the Russian hero. SAVKIN budge and propelled trucks, airplanes, locomotives, tank and train.

At this time, weightlifter budged six wagons loaded with cement, which amounted to the total weight of 512 tons. In addition, the athlete from Vladivostok reached this peculiar structure of one meter 60 centimeters.

Organizers of the event recorded that strong man set a new world record. According to them, a new achievement Ivan Savkina be entered in the "Russian Book of Records."

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