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Scientists learned how to save brain cells after chronic lack of sleep

The experiment with laboratory mice has been successful. New injections showed great result.

25.Nov.14 12:34 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Scientists learned how to save brain cells after chronic lack of sleep
United group of scientists from the USA, Germany and Netherlands has found the way to save brain cells and prevent them from destruction after chronic lack of sleep. Moreover scientists managed to prove that lack of sleep does not result in death of 1/4th of all brain cells.

Neurophysics made numerous experiments using laboratory mice. They found the way how to restore and regenerate cognitive function of brain by means of affecting particular brain cells and their molecules which are in charge of memory disturbance resulted in lack of sleep.

Scientists call their method “pharmacogenetic method”. This is due to the fact that they affected molecules with the help of different medication along with genetic modifications. They created a virus which was injected in mice brain during experiments. This virus enabled their organism to produce special substance which is able to neutralize the affection caused by lack of sleep. As result mice which received these injections were able to complete all tasks successfully in spite of chronic lack of sleep.

Scientists are sure that their discovery will help all people who suffer from lack of sleep and other problems caused by such unpleasant disease. This virus will be rather efficient especially for those who work shifts.

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