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Scientists have found out whether comments in social networks affect the bitcoin rate

The experts made an unexpected discovery.

26.Jun.18 1:56 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Scientists have found out whether comments in social networks affect the bitcoin rate
According to sociologists, the share of Internet users who are aware of crypto-currencies is constantly growing. For example, among Russians, this figure has already exceeded 90%. Citizens interested in the new market are discussing digital assets on the Web, which, scientists assumed, could also affect virtual currency exchange rates.

To test their guess, the representatives of the scientific community decided to conduct an appropriate study. According to the monitoring results, employees of the Stevens Institute of Technology in the United States made sure: the price of bitcoin depends on publications in social networks.

The case remained for the small, specialists needed to understand which posts can change the value of the crypto currency. After analyzing the comments from the Bitcointalk forum and from Twitter for two years, the authors of the study realized that not all messages play a role for digital money.

It turned out that comments from the most active users practically do not affect the bitcoin rate. But the rare publications of the so-called "silent majority", on the contrary, could cause a rise in the price of crypto currency. According to scientists, among those who occasionally made publications, as a rule, positive, digital assets are large crypto-investors. These influential people control the price of virtual currencies.

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