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Scientists from Tomsk discovered new Dinosaur Species inside the Stone

Unique remains are already examined by specialists.

25.Mar.15 7:00 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Scientists from Tomsk discovered new Dinosaur Species inside the Stone
Paleontologists from Tomsk State University have already started reconstruction of herbivore sacrum which was about 40 meters length. At the same time scientists are sure that prehistoric animal weight was more than 20 tons. Fossil of the creature has been found 7 year ago in 2008. They were discovered in Kemerovo region. However bones of dinosaur were hidden inside the stone and it was rather hard to take them out. That is why stone with fossils was taken to laboratory of Tomsk State University where scientists extracted remains and examined them. It took them several years in order to extract all fossils from the stone.

Stepan Ivantsev who is one of University specialists is sure that these bones belong to a dinosaur species that has never been met by experts before. In other words they may have discovered not only new species but also new dinosaur family. It is already known that prehistoric creature belonged to herbivore class and lived about 100million years ago.

Specialists and experts of the University continue examining fossils and describe discovered elements of unknown herbivore giant. Scientists are planning to assemble large pieces of bones and display them in their University. Everyone will be able to witness this incredible heritage of Jurassic period.

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