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Scientist from Sarov was accused of Treason

It resulted in his report that was made during scientific symposium.

09.Feb.15 10:45 AM
By Elena Nekrasova


Scientist from Sarov was accused of Treason
Vladimir Golubyev he used to work in nuclear center as scientist was accused of treason after his report which was made during scientific symposium.

His report was published in one popular Czech scientific magazine. The article was related to explosive components and substances. This article was the main reason for the fact that scientist was accused of treason.

Golubyev said that his report did not contain any secret information. The article was published on basics of report which was made by the scientists in during conference which took place in 2013 ion Czech Republic. At the same time report contended data which was used in different scientific works during 80ís.

Nevertheless criminal case was initiated. All techniques and hardware that were found in his apartment will be thoroughly examined by investigators.

He can be sentenced to 4 years in prison in case scientist is found guilty. He is under house arrest at the moment.


Nuclear Center in Sarov is a separate division of Rosatom Corporation. Scientist have worked their since 1973 to 2013. All developments and operations of the center are secret and protected by the government.

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