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At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Scientist form Tomsk created Bacterium that can eat decomposed Waste

This bacterium turns all types of waste into food products.

30.Jan.15 9:04 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Scientist form Tomsk created Bacterium that can eat decomposed Waste
Senior researcher and scientist of Tomsk State Biophysics and Biochemical University Vladimir Kalyuzhny developed a unique bacterium which is able to eat waste that discomposes for a long period of time.

In accordance with information provided by Tomsk innovative organizationsí media office, this bacterium is able to eliminate oil wastes, different types of plastic, plexiglas, heavy metals and other types of waste. Every Russian region may get its own type of bacterium which is appropriate for particular type of waste. It will also depend on other factors and characteristics which include temperature, concentration of different components and oxygen as well as other important parameters which are necessary to consider.

This technology operates in the following way: bacterium eats waste. All biomass which was collected is placed in the ground. Then it is high time to trigger earthworms which will eat collected biomass. As a result we get biomass with high concentration of vitamins and proteins. This mass can be used in agricultural filed to feed domestic animals. In other words wastes can be turned into food products for agricultural needs within a couple of weeks.
New technology will be patented in the nearest future. It can be used by different fields.

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