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Saudi Arabia’s Governmental structures have been attacked by hackers

Cyber attacks have been held in the last two weeks.

05.Dec.16 1:45 AM
By Anna Tuzova


Saudi Arabia’s Governmental structures have been attacked by hackers
Hackers used the most destructive cyber weapon that the world has ever seen during the attack. What is more, this was the second time hackers have attacked Saudi Arabia governmental structures, according to the CNN. Their computer services had been damaged by the malware, popular as Shamoon, as noted by the interlocutor of agency. That time they accused Iran of this attack.

According to the researchers, couple of weeks ago the attacks were made against one of the government departments and enterprises. These were the energy, manufacturing and transport companies.

As stated by the cyber safety researcher from Synack Patrick Wardle, the hackers have attacked, inter alia, the kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority.

The unknown have held a series of cyber attacks on Civil Aviation Authority of the Saudi Arabia, hackers have also attacked five companies, among which there were the governmental agencies, according to Bloomberg quoting sources, which are close to the incident investigation. The data from the servers has been destroyed, but the motivation is still unclear.
Hackers used version of the cyber weapon of the certain type, called Shamoon, which works alike ticking time bomb.

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