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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

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Satellite Earth control will cost 358 billion, Russia

Roskosmos demands enormous sum for creating a group of satellites.

23.Aug.14 9:56 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Satellite Earth control will cost 358 billion, Russia
Federal space agency has reported about tits plan of creating innovative and modern national group of satellites and asks to provide it with 358 billion rubles.

According to federal space program on 2016-2025 26 additional satellites are necessary in order to complete different kinds of tasks in a proper way. The main aim of space crafts will be controlling and thorough examining of surface of our planet. They will also control World’s Ocean, ice covers and conditions of atmosphere.

These sputniks will also be able to examine any Russian region at least twice every 24 hours. Hydro meteorological and geophysical equipment will also deal with global examination of different atmospheric processes and dangerous weather conditions. There is a lack of hydro meteorological satellites. That is why Russian meteorologists have to get information from their foreign colleagues.

Roskosmos is also planning to take high quality pictures of the Earth with high resolution as well as create system of operational observation of local emergencies on the territory of Russian federation.

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