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Santander announced the launch of a mobile application based on Ripple

One of the largest banks in Spain to use Ripple applications for retail customers.

14.Apr.18 4:15 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Santander announced the launch of a mobile application based on Ripple

According to the information portal, the Spanish Banco Santander reported on the start of the work of the international payment service for retail, based on the current block-platform developed by Ripple. Santander informs that for the first time works, and then they help clients from other countries. 

The Chief Financial Officer of the Bank declares that starting from today, with the help of One Pay service, a fast and safe transfer of funds from one country to another has become possible. A feature of the service is the variability of payment, depending on where the remitting agent is located. For example, Spanish customers can send a transfer in pounds to England using current technology, patented by Ripple, which allows you to track payments and instant transactions in all corners of the world. It is specified that the site does not conduct operations with the Ripple XRP cryptocurrency. 

A little earlier Santander stated that the speed of payments would be instant, but so far this is not confirmed by real data. While transactions across Europe are going on for one day, but the company will try to keep its promises, about transfers for 40 seconds, by the summer of this year.

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