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Salaries in Russia are 10% Lower in 2015

The increase is not expected in the nearest future.

21.May.15 9:54 AM
By Abigail Richards


Salaries in Russia are 10% Lower in 2015
Real salaries in Russian Federation have become 10% lower in 2015. Such statement was made by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Defense Lyubov Elzova. She said that real salaries of Russian citizens are decreasing in 2015. The total decrease during the current year is 9.8%. The official also noted that rate salaries increased by 9.2%during the last year while real salaries have become 1.3% higher.

In addition representatives of Russian Ministry of Labor think that situation will not be changed in the nearest future. The possibility of salary increase is expected not earlier than in 3 years. The majority of experts say that rate and real wage will start increasing only in 2018.

In spite of such difficulties the situation on the labor market is absolutely normal. Even if consider the fact that there are fewer vacancies for candidates in comparison with the previous year, the situation is stable.

It should also be noted that earlier Ministry of Finance has estimated possible reduction of salaries by 9.6% while representatives of the Ministry of Labor give slightly different rate which is 9.8%. According to official statistics salaries of Russian citizens have decreased by 8.3% during the first quarter of 2015. Specialists say that the biggest reduction is determined in March.

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