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Russians will create their own Orbital Space Station

This is the main offer of manned space development program.

18.Nov.14 11:10 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russians will create their own Orbital Space Station
Russians are planning to start construction of their own orbital space station in the beginning of 2017. They will use modules that were planned to be used for segments of International Space Station. This offer is considered to be the most important in the program of manned space development up to 2050. The information is provided by “Kommersant” newspaper.

In accordance with available information putting this space station into the orbit is the priority mission of the manned space development program which must be implemented by 2050. At the same time official sources say that all current works on the International Space Station will be continuing.  

Moreover according to preliminary information new orbital station is located in beneficiary location from geometrical point of view. This fact lets it have a better overview with widen surface sector of the Earth. 905 of Russian federation along with the Arctic shelf will be available for the orbital station. For example, International space station overviews only 5% of the surface. Special rocket carriers will deliver necessary cargoes and equipment. They will be launched from Plesetsk military spaceport. Moreover this orbital station will also have additional function. It can be used as base for scientific apparatuses that will be further launched to the moon.

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