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Russians Will be Prohibited Walking in Swimsuits

The fin for violating new law will be from $20 to $60.

02.Jun.15 10:12 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russians Will be Prohibited Walking in Swimsuits
Russians may be prohibited walking in swimsuits during summer. It is known that deputy from St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov has offered new law project that will prohibit Russians walking in swimsuits and topless in public places of St. Petersburg.

New rules in case accepted will mainly consider public places with the exception of special recreation zones. According to the official new law prohibits walking in swimsuits in parks, squares and catering facilities including cafes, restaurants and bars.

New law prohibits wearing inappropriate clothes for public places or any absence of clothing on the body of particular citizen. Inappropriate clothing in such occasion includes menís and womenís underwear as well as swimsuits.
Speaking about penalties in cases of law violation the government will establish fines from $20 to $60 for walking in prohibited clothing or without it.

Experts are sure that if such law is accepted in St. Petersburg it will also be implemented in other Russian cities in the nearest future due to the fact that the necessity in such law is rather high nowadays and not only in St. Petersburg.

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