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Russians started saving Money on Food Products

Budget allocation is made to the detriment of entertainments.

24.Mar.15 11:22 AM
By By Svetlana Siuhina


Russians started saving Money on Food Products
ROMIR Holding Directory of Research has recently made sociological survey which showed that Russian citizens are forced to refuse from expensive food products of high quality and some entertainments in order to save money and proceed with budget allocation.

In 2014 only 19% of respondents tried to save money while in 2012 there were only 8% of Russians who refused from entertainments in favor of family budget. Such increase results in permanent growth of food product price.

19% of Russians said that they have to refuse from purchasing expensive products of high quality in order to cope with the level of inflation.

Percentage of Russians who consider their income normal and do not have to save money have become two times lower. Only 7% of citizens are satisfied with their level of income during current year.

1 500 respondents took part in this survey aged 18-60. They include citizens of big cities and metropolises as well as towns and villages. offers its visitors taking part in an equal survey and share your thoughts and ideas with the help of commentaries below.

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