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Russians return to the position of the reading nation

For the first time with 91-year increased sales of books in the country.

13.Apr.16 12:03 PM
By Svetlana Zaytseva


Russians return to the position of the reading nation
2015-the year of marked growth in the number of books sold in the Russian Federation, - told the President of the book Union of Russia. Sergei Stepashin cited the data, according to which the growth of book sales amounted to more than two percent. The speaker also stressed the need to raise not only quantitative but also qualitative indicator of book publishing, Russian books could compete on the world market.

By the way, Russia steadily occupies the fourth position in the top list of countries around the world, publishing books. So, in 2015 there were approximately 112 000 books and pamphlets, almost half a percentage point more than in 2014. book-Publishing industry was in the doldrums, including because many people have switched to reading e-books that you can download online for free. However, the state Duma is in support of printing the business has canceled VAT for book publishers.

In General, Russians prefer to read historical novels, - the poll of Fund "Public" held in 2015. Also our compatriots like to read detectives and fantasy and romance novels, took second and third places in the reader's rating. Only 11 percent of respondents not drawn to the books at all.

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