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Russians may be obliged to Complete Biometric Registration

Deputies of State Duma will consider new bill that will make it obligatory for every Russian to pass biometric registration.

21.Nov.14 11:45 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russians may be obliged to Complete Biometric Registration
Deputy of State Duma Roman Hudyakov has introduced new bill on the 19th of November.  In accordance to this bill all Russian citizens will be obliged to complete biometric registration. Such registration includes providing of fingerprints and genomic information of every person. Special bio ID will be created on the basic of this information.

Providing fingerprints will also be obligatory for all citizens. Special scanners and paint will be sued for this process in addition to traditional methods. The information is provided by “Izvestiya “.

Hudyakov is sure that this project must be implemented as soon as possible. It will make it easier for the government to control the level of crimes in the country as well as make necessary changes in social sphere. He also said that such system prevent from carrying IDs and other documents. He offers to create separate Department which will be based on Federal Security Service together with Home Office.

The official noted that all personal data of citizens will be protected.

Hudyakov said that conception of this project has already been unofficially approved and supported by the rest of the Deputies and representatives of different Departments and Services.

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