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Russians can be left without small Denominations

Cash-machines will be loaded with only high rating banknotes.

19.Feb.15 9:11 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russians can be left without small Denominations
Russians can be left without small denominations due to the fact that cash-machines will be mostly loaded with high rating banknotes. The banks are ready to launch this program in the nearest future.

The officials asked representatives of Central Bank to interfere with such situation and find solution to future problem. They turned to Central Bank with a written claim which says that commercial banks are trying to increase the average amount of transaction in order to earn additional revenues from rates. They have also fears connected with the fact that MasterCard is about to change the amount of commission for withdrawing cash using ATMs. Fixed rate will be replaced by percentage on every transaction.

At the same time it is noted that commercial banks are no longer interested in clients who are withdrawing small sums of money by means of ATM. This is why there are two steps for them. The first step is to increase commission for withdrawing. Another step is to load SA межбанковской комиссии за снятие наличных в ATMs with high rating banknotes.

Representatives of Union of Financial Service Consumers Protection are sure that all Russians and clients will suffer from such situation without any exception.

Central Bank has not given any respond yet.

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