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Russians are ready to adopt children from Ukraine

Russians will be perfect parents to orphans from South-East of Ukraine.

17.Aug.14 2:19 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russians are ready to adopt children from Ukraine
Thousands of Russians call on Public Chamber hotline in order to express their readiness to adopt orphans from Ukraine. They say that they are going to be perfect parents for children who are left without their relatives.  

The inflow of refugees from South-East of Ukraine has increased over the last few month. This is due to continuing military actions which take place on this territory of the country between supporters of independence on Kiev government. That is why representatives of the Public Chamber decided to create a hotline so that everyone was able to lend a hand to Ukrainian refugees.

Russians permanently call on this hotline. Some of them are ready to adopt orphans from Ukraine and become their relatives and parents. More than 10 calls have been received over the last month. Most of them were from Moscow, Crimea, Stavropol Territory, Tomsk, Moscow and Chelyabinsk regions.

In accordance with Public Chamber media office Yulia Zimova has sent letters to Commissioner for Human Rights Ella Pamfilova and Commissioner for Children Rights Pavel Astahov. In this letters she informed them about readiness of some Russians to adopt children from Ukraine who are left without parents and relatives.

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