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Russian traffic rules will include new standard

New rule to secure children from reckless drivers will appear.

02.Sep.14 3:01 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russian traffic rules will include new standard
Members of the Public Chamber offered a new standard for already existing traffic rules. In accordance with new standards all drivers will be obliged to slow down up to 40 km/h in the area where Children road sign is installed. Such speed limitation will include areas next to kindergartens, schools, hospitals and clinics. This information was provided by Izvestiya newspaper.

According to the official statistics that is annually provided by Traffic Police Department, more than 11 000 accidents involving children of different age have taken place during 2014 all over Russia. More than 400 people died in these accidents. The rest of victims were injured and got wounds of different level of severity.

Members of the Public Chamber have sent a letter to Vladimir Kolokoltsev. There they expressed their worries regarding the fact that every accident which involves children results in serious injuries. Moreover, every 25th accident is fatal. The Head of the Public Chamber thinks that such situation is caused by lack of attention from drivers and their recklessness, especially when it comes to areas next to schools and kindergartens.

Members of the Public Chamber hope that Traffic Police Department will discuss their offer, and new standard will eventually be accepted.

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