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Russian Tourists Will be Obliged Buying $40,000 Insurance

New minimal insurance limit has already been established.

22.Jun.15 10:24 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Tourists Will be Obliged Buying $40,000 Insurance
Russian tourists will be obliged purchasing $40,000 insurance in the nearest future. New minimal insurance limit has already been set. At the same time the following law has already been approved by the deputies of State Duma.

God news is that new law will consider only those citizens who are going on vacation but not on business trips. The law has been worked out by representatives of Russian Ministry of Finance. They say that tour operators will also be obliged to explain tourists that in case they refuse buying such insurance policy, they will have to cover all expenses necessary for medical and health care. In other words tourists will have only two options which include buying $40,000 policy or depend on their own funds while being abroad.

It should also be noted that before the law was accepted by the government, minimal insurance limit was determined by authorities of the host country.  For example, tourists who are planning to spend vacation in Europe and obtain Schengen visa are obliged purchasing 30,000 insurance policy which is actually the same as $40,000. If considering near abroad countries, minimal insurance limit is much lower.

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