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Russian Student Developed Smart Glasses for Blind People

This invention was introduced along with numerous other developments presented by students from Orenburg.

20.May.15 10:50 AM
By Irina Suvorova


Russian Student Developed Smart Glasses for Blind People
Orenburg students have introduced several revolutionary developments recently. Special smart glasses for blind people were especially popular. The invention is called “iSee glasses”.

They were developed by a girl-student from Orenburg whose name is Angelina Philippova. The main advantage of her device is that it will certainly become very handy. On the one hand new smart glasses are rather progressive in comparison with analogs. On the other hand they are available at affordable price. Angelina says they will cost 10 times lower than analogs.

According to available information smart glasses will operate with the help of special radio waves which are transmitted by means of integrated sensor. The device will also be equipped by vibro engines that are able to react on different obstacles and objects making it easier for people to walk.

It is noted that new device will cost approximately $200 while other available devices of the same time cost from $2,000 to $4,000. In other words they will become more affordable for disabled people.

Several other inventions and developments have been introduced apart from “iSee glasses”. They include new water purifying system designed for aquariums. The invention is based on operation of nano-particles. At the same time Orenburg students presented their ergonomic helmet which provides access to virtual reality and many more.

It should be noted that every student whose work will receive high marks from judges will get $4,000 for implementation of his or her project.

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