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Russian State-Owned Companiesí Costs will be reduced by 25%

Such measures are taken to support enterprises.

14.Apr.15 5:24 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Russian State-Owned Companiesí Costs will be reduced by 25%
Russian Ministry of Economic Development offered redaction of management and administrative costs of state-owned companies by 25%. The officials are sure that such measures will turn out to be rather useful for enterprises considering tough economic situation. They will be implemented in companies which operate in energetic industry. Ministry of Energetics has already supported such offer. On the other hand it is also known that representatives of ďRossetĒ are against such measures as they can lead to reduction of industrial employees.

According to the document Ministry of Energetics agreed to support this particular measure with only one proviso that costs will be reduced by 25%.  It should also be noted that there is no such point in anti-crisis plan that is implemented by the Ministry of Energetics.

At the same time it should be said that government will also consider review this offer provided by the Ministry in the nearest future. However, government representatives have refused to comment those measures yet. Moreover Presidentís press-secretary Dmitry Peskov does not have the foggiest idea about such measures. The same thing is with press-secretaries of the Vice President. No one gives any comments on the current situation regarding measures offered by Ministry of Economic Development.

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