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Russian State Duma offers to reduce New Year Holidays

All necessary changes will be made in labor code.

17.Jan.15 7:59 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russian State Duma offers to reduce New Year Holidays
Alexey Didenko who is a deputy of Russian State Duma offered his bill regarding the reduction of days-off during New Year holidays. He suggests cutting down on holidays in accordance with the following schedule: days-off will be from 31st of December till 3rd of January as well as on 7th of January.

Didenko paid attention to the fact that long-term holidays have a negative influence on people’s health and budgets. Usually holidays end on the 12th of January. This is the time when people are almost out of all supplies and money. And there is only half a month to cover all the expenses which sometimes is not enough. This results in family quarrels and problems of other kinds.

Another problem of long New Year holidays is the fact that some people indulge in huge amount of alcohol as well as overeating. It should also be noted that such long holidays take place in a very cold season when there is a high risk of getting ill.

Putin offered reducing New Year holidays in 2012. The main idea was to cut down on winter holidays and prolong them in May.

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