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Russian Senators Offer Decreasing of Speed Limit in Cities Down to 50 km/h

It will improve stopping distance which is of great importance in cities.

03.Jun.15 2:24 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Russian Senators Offer Decreasing of Speed Limit in Cities Down to 50 km/h
Senators of Federation Council Vadim Tyulpanov and Vladimir Frolov offered decreasing the speed limit for drivers in cities down to 50 km/h.  

Their offer has already been forwarded to Prime Minister of Russian federation Dmitry Medvedev. It will be reviewed in the nearest future.

Authors of new share the opinion of experts who say that news peed limitation is essential especially for big cities. It will reduce the stopping distance in emergency situations which will reduce the number of victims among drivers and pedestrians.

For instance, the average stopping distance at 60 km/h is about 36 meters. If the speed limitations will be implemented, it will help to reduce the stopping distance down to 28 meters. Those 8 meters can turn out to be crucial in some occasions and save lives of pedestrians.

At the moment the current speed limitation does not allow drivers speed up over60 km/h in cities. At the same time according to general Director of Expert Center Vladimir Melnikov if the speed is over 60 km/h, it is likely that accident will turn out to be fatal for pedestrian.

According to current statistics provided by Russian Traffic Police Department one third of all car accidents in the country results in exceeding the speed limit.

It should be noted that 50 km/h speed limitation is used in various European countries including Germany, Italy and France.

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