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Russian Scientists will Create Artificial Heart

It will be able to provide people with full life.

03.Apr.15 3:06 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Russian Scientists will Create Artificial Heart
Moscow Aviation Institute research specialists reported about the aim of creating artificial heart in collaboration with experts from United Instrument-Making Corporation. Implementation of the project will be launched during current year.

According to available information scientists explained that all analogues of exiting artificial hearts are not able to provide patients with full life abilities and opportunities. Those samples are only able to substitute real heart for some period of time until the transplantation is made. New technology that is developed by Russian specialists will be able to provide people with full life and substitute real heart.

At the moment there are only two types of artificial heart developments existing. The first type is based on constant blood flow while the second includes impulse blood flow method. Russian doctors have already used the first type of artificial heart. Unfortunately it is not able to prolong life of the patient for a long period of time. New development will be mainly based on impulse blood flow method. In this case operation of artificial heart will be close to operation of the real organ.

At the same time it is also known that technology of      artificial heart growing can appear within several few years in Russia.

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