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Russian Scientists Invented Unique 3D Glasses

This invention will make the life of blind people much easier.

25.Feb.15 9:18 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Scientists Invented Unique 3D Glasses
Scientists from St. Petersburg announced about the fact that they have invented special 3D glasses for blind people and those who suffer from poor eyesight. Scientists are sure that their invention will make lives of such people much easier.

It is reported about numerous options and abilities that new gadget will provide to its owners. It will make it easy to create routes, orient on crossroads, choose the right color of the traffic light and even check with information on zip codes. At the same time new device will be equipped with microprocessor, two small video cameras and GPS.

“The main benefit of our glasses is the fact that it offers desired freedom of movement. In other words it is some kind of digital assistant which will provide its owners with the safest routes and prevent them with any problems while crossing the roads. Moreover it will make it possible to obtain necessary text information about products, etc.”, - said one of the developers who also suffers from bad eyesight.

According to preliminary information provided by developers, new gadget will be on stock starting from autumn 2015. At the same time rehab and clinical centers will get new 3D glasses for free.

At first developers wanted to buy necessary spare parts and elements for their gadget. However they faced difficulties in finding necessary ones. That is why they were forced to invent them on their own.

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