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Russian Scientists Invented Encephalitis Treatment

First tests were rather successful.

03.Jul.15 2:58 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Russian Scientists Invented Encephalitis Treatment
Scientist of Novosibirsk Institute of Chemistry and Biology invented new efficient treatment to cure encephalitis. They say new vaccine is expected to be a great breakthrough in the field of science and medicine.

Developers also said that preclinical tests of new medication are held at the moment. However, results are rather promising and successful even at such early stage. Over $40,000 has been forwarded on all necessary development and research works.

It is known that all tests of new medication are made on mice. The treatment is mainly based on special antibodies which help to fight against fatal disease. Moreover it is possible to produce as much of this medication as necessary due to the fact that human and animal blood is not necessary for its production.

Experts say that if everything runs smoothly and tests are successful, new encephalitis treatment will be available for consumers in all Russian drug stores and medical establishments in the nearest future. At the same time its price will be even lower in comparison with other medications of this type including immunoglobulin.

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