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Russian Scientists Introduced New Space Suit

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09.Jul.15 11:11 AM
By Abigail Richards


Russian Scientists Introduced New Space Suit
Russian scientists have introduced new space suit. It is known that developers have also presented modified version of space suit called Orlan MKS. New modifications made it possible to use special equipment one year longer. Durability was increased from 4 to 5-year term. At the same time astronauts will be able to complete 20 spacewalks instead o 15 as it used to be before.

“Our engineers managed to increase the level of space suit durability. It was possible by replacement of rubber shell with polyurethane which resulted in longer usage. Such innovation helped to increase the number of spacewalks for astronauts from 15 to 20”, - said in statement provided by Technodynamica media-office.

According to available information astronauts will be able to put on new space suits on their own as well as complete all necessary repairing and setting works which was impossible with earlier versions of space suits which were set and repaired only on Earth.

Another great feature of new equipment is a special system that is able to keep necessary pressure inside the space suit I case the sheathing was damaged due to depressurization.

But the main innovation of new Russian development is the fact that that space suit is equipped with special automated thermo regulating system. In other words astronauts won’t have to switch on or off heating system which will prevent them from overheating as well as overcooling.

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