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Russian scientists: how location affects poverty?

Russian scientists have found a direct relationship between poverty and place of residence.

28.Feb.17 12:13 AM
By Thomas Mayer


Russian scientists: how location affects poverty?
Thomas Piketty studied class inequality and concluded with an increase in welfare incomes are distributed unevenly. The poor continue to lose revenue, even with the growth of the economy. While only the rich multiply their capital. So the proportion of poor people has increased in the United States. The findings of Russian scientists who continue the work of the French researcher in Russia, proved to be quite unexpected.

Economic developments within the country and social consciousness are interrelated. And this directly affects the distribution of priorities. This write Russian researchers Slavina M.S. and Allayarova A.M. in an article published in the journal Aekonomika: economica i selskoe hoziaystvo. By this view came to Russian scientists, conducted a large-scale study of the question in one of the regions of Russia. Experts from the Republic of Bashkortostan (one of the regions of Russian Federation) conducted a study which established the main causes of poverty in rural areas.

Scientists have conducted a statistical analysis of the budgets of local farms and found and a series of public opinion polls, which showed a change in the public consciousness caused by changes in the economy. Respondents were asked to choose the main priorities in the welfare assessment. However, of the 11 variants of the survey participants can only choose one. The results of the survey compared to the same study, which was conducted in 2001. According to the study, residents of Russia are beginning to appreciate the well-being of the family more than the material.

The study showed that the attitude to material values ​​are directly correlated with the residence. So among the inhabitants of the urban population more appreciative of wealth. This is due to the distribution of income and expenses. The inhabitants of cities, plant and equipment replenishment - wages. At the same time urban residents to buy products for the salary. The inhabitants of rural areas the situation is reversed. Most people in rural areas leads his own subsistence farming, which provides a significant replenishment of the budget. At the same time, wages are only one source of income and rely on it less. This is due to the seasonal nature of work in the countryside.

Between 2014 and 2015, the reduction in wages was noted in the country, so the city's residents have experienced this period is much more acute than in rural areas. On the well-being of people in rural areas economic changes hardly affected due to the presence of multiple sources of income.

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