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Russian Scientists Got a Grant on Creation of Nanoparticles Against Cancer

New mediation will make cancer treatment and diagnosing more efficient.

18.Jun.15 7:33 PM
By Anna Nekrasova
Photo Yandex


Russian Scientists Got a Grant on Creation of Nanoparticles Against Cancer
Russian scientists from National Research Technical University received a grant on development of new medication. It will be based on nanoparticles which will make cancer diagnosing and treatment more efficient.

According to available information Bout $10 million will be forwarded on development of new innovative mediation. The work will be made by a group of researches and scientists supervised by the Doctor of Chemistry Alexander Mazhuga. Specialists have already started working on creation of unique medication against cancer.

Scientists have already set clear primary target which is development of innovative method to diagnose cancer. It will be mainly based on magnet methods that proved to be more efficient when identifying carcinomas.

It is also noted that new medication will be created on base of special magnet nanoparticles due to the fact that they are irreplaceable when it comes to efficient diagnosing and treatment of cancer. At the same time these nanoparticles improve supplement of the drug to particular cells which are damaged by disease. At the same time they make it possible to visualize carcinomas with the help of magnet resonance tomography.

Scientists will deal with finding an efficient treatment of the most common cancer diseases which include liver and prostate cancer.

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