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Russian scientists create heavy-duty plastic armor

New type of material can be used in space and air industry.

30.Sep.14 2:58 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Russian scientists create heavy-duty plastic armor
Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University are working on creation of new heavy-duty materials which can be used under extreme conditions with high level of efficiency and durability. They are using plastic which has features of armor. This type of material will be the best bet for space and air industry. The information is provided by ITAR TAS.

The scientists are creating several types of innovative plastic at the moment. They will have all necessary features which will make it possible for them to be a perfect alternative to traditional armor. Production process of such plastic will be much easier. At the same time it will be lighter and more reliable. This makes it possible to use this material in space and air construction industry. In addition scientists are working on creation radiation-resistant composite for space industry. This material is based on special Nano powders. It will be resistant to erosion and is aimed on protection of equipment from radiation on the orbit. All works will be completed within a year.

There is also information about another invention of Russian scientists. They have created tomograph which is able to detect all defects of airplanes as well as their program malfunctions.

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